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QM2 | S.A. Jafari

On 17 July at 14:30 - 16:00 in Seminar Room of the Institute of Physics II

S.A. Jafari, Sharif University of Technology


Solid state systems with deformed Minkowski spacetime


Continuum limit of Dirac solids can be described as a Minkowski

spacetime. Certain nonsymmorphic 2D lattices host tilted Dirac fermions.

The effective spacetime felt by these electrons is a deformation of Minkowski

spacetime where temporal and spatial affairs are mingled. In this talk, first we

use irreducible representations of the 8Pmmn borophene to show that not only

the resulting spacetime is the tilt deformation of Minkowski spacetime, but also

the resulting tilt can be manipulated by a perpendicular electric field. We discuss

unusual plasmons and electromagnetic response of 2D tilted-Dirac cone solids.


Contact Person: Thomas Michely