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SFB1238 | Mikhail Sadovskii

On 14 November at 14:30 - 15:30 in Seminar Room of the Institute of Physics II

Mikhail Sadovskii, Institute of Electrophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Superconductivity in FeSe monolayers: why Tc is so high?


We shall briefly review the present day situation with unexpectedly high-temperature superconductivity


in FeSe monolayers on SrTiO_3 (FeSe/STO), the main experimental results, the electronic structure (ARPES


data and calculations) and possible mechanisms of Tc enhancement. We shall discuss the origin of unusual


shallow conduction bands in FeSe/STO with quite small values of Fermi energy, which we attribute to the increasing electronic correlations (as compared to the bulk FeSe). We shall briefly review the idea of Tc enhancement due to FeSe electrons interactions with high - energy optical phonons of STO, stressing the importance of antiadiabatic effects, which will be discussed within the Eliashberg - McMillan approach.


Contact Person: Daniiel Khomskii