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Advanced Seminar SS 20

Magnetic Materials

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h in the Seminar Room 202 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

Magnetic materials represent one the most important classes of functional solid-state materials. With the navigational compass, such materials are used since centuries. However, apart from inducing (ferro-)magnetic order, magnetic interactions form the basis of a plethora of sophisticated physical phenomena, which are in the focus of modern condensed-matter research. For example, the origin of high-temperature superconductivity is assigned to magnetic correlations. Competing magnetic interactions result in magnetic frustration, which can induce so-called spin-liquid phases. Magnetic frustration is also a source for the coupled magnetic and ferroelectric order in multiferroic systems, which are of interest for new types of data storage devices. The electronic band structure depends on spin-orbit coupling and under certain conditions so-called topological insulators evolve, which are insulating in the bulk but host metallic surface states.

Within this Advanced Seminar several of these phenomena will be introduced and discussed by the students. The seminar talks shall focus on the experimental signatures of these phenomena in different materials and present the experimental techniques used for their observation.

Organisational meeting

The organisational meeting will be on Monday, April 6th at 14:00 in the Seminar Room 202 of the II. Physikalisches Institut. In order to facilitate the organisation of the seminar you are asked to register in advance of this meeting via the following form:

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