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Advanced Seminar SS 2017

"Recent highlights in experimental solid-state physics: Advanced Materials"

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h at the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

In this seminar we want to introduce different classes of materials where geometric constraints and/or competing interactions result in new physical phenomena. One basic example is the breakdown of the standard quasiparticle description of electronic excitations in one-dimensional systems, where fractionalized excitations of non-integer charge or spin may occur. Other examples may arise from the competition between the spin-orbit coupling, which is a single-ion effect, and the many-body physics in the crystal lattice arising from the crystal electric field and/or the band formation. During the seminar various of such "Advanced Materials" shall be discussed with a special focus on systems, which are related to the current research of the various experimental groups at the Institute of Physics II of the University of Cologne. The aim of the talks is to present the basic new phenomena of these materials, to give an overview about the scientific background and to discuss the used experimental techniques.


22.5.Dilute ferroelectric superconductorsX. LinL. Pitz-PaalOpens external link in new windowpdf
29.5.Quantum criticality in 1‐dimensional magnetsT. LorenzP. SteinOpens external link in new windowpdf

Dynamical processes in Topological Insulators

Anomalous dynamics in spin ice

Y. Mukai

C. Grams

D. Finck

M. Glaß

Opens external link in new windowpdf

Opens external link in new windowpdf


Emergent phenomena at perovskite oxide interfaces

Graphene Nanoribbons

I. Vrejoiu

M. Grüneis

M. Seckin

T. Pradella


Topological superconductors

Y. AndoJ. Pohl
3.7.Sandwich molecular nanowires: new type of magnetsT. MichelyL. Thomkins

Layered high‐T c superconductors:

a) Cuprate    b) Iron‐Arsenides

M. Braden

T. Hartl

A. Herman


Role of spin‐orbit coupling in iridates

M. Grüninger

C. Loo

24.7.Majorana Fermion excitations in RuCl3T. KoetheC. Reinhoffer