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From the crystal-growth furnaces to a dilution fridge, we have a decent set of top-notch equipments for world-class research.

In the Materials Lab:

  • Image furnaces for floating-zone growth of singe crystals
  • Various kinds of electrical furnaces
  • Laue X-ray crystals analyzer
  • Crystal cutters
  • Automatic-motion mortars
  • Hydraulic-pressure apparatus 
  • Ultra-high-precision electric scale
  • Optical Microscopes
  • High-precision oxygen-contents control system
  • Detwinning apparatus

In the Measurements Lab:

  • Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) with helium reliquefier
  • SQUID Magnetometer (MPMS) with helium reliquefier
  • 16 T superconducting magnet with helium reliquefier
  • Dilution Refrigerator (down to 10 mK)
  • Variable temperature insert (1.5 - 300 K)
  • 2 T split-coil superconducting magnet
  • High-precision magnetoresistance measurement system
  • High-precision Hall coefficient measurement system
  • High-precision thermopower measurement system
  • Dipsticks for resistivity measurements
  • Impedance analyzer
  • Automatic capacitance bridge
  • AC resistance bridges
  • Ratio Transformer
  • Coulomb-blockade thermometer