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Experimental Techniques

  • Singe Crystal Growths

Floating-Zone Method
Flux Method
Bridgman Method
Vapor Transport Method

  • Thin Film Growths

MBE (Knudsen cell and EB)
RF-Magnetron Sputtering

  • Chemical Processes

Quartz-Glass Tube Sealing

  • Analysis

X-Ray Diffractions
Laue Backscattering Method
Wave-Length-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (WDX)

  • Ultra-low-temperature Experiments

Dilution Refrigerator
3He Refrigerator

  • Transport Measurements

Anisotropic Resistivity
Thermal Conductivity
Seebeck Coefficient (Thermopower)
Hall Coefficient
Nernst Effect
Thermal Hall Effect
I-V Characteristics
Differential resistivity
AC Conductivity (up to sub-GHz)

  • Magnetization Measurements

  • AC Susceptibility Measurements

  • Specific-Heat Measurements

  • Capacitance Measurements