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Prof. Dr. Thomas Lorenz


Phone : +49-221-470-3593

Fax:      +49-221-470-6708

Room:    223



  • thermodynamic and transport propoerties of correlated electron systems
  • low dimensional magnetism and quantum spin systems
  • (unconventional) superconductors
  • interplay of charge, spin, lattice and orbital degrees of freedom
  • transiton metal oxides
  • single crystal growth

Scientific career

Apl. Professor:

May 2015, University of Cologne


January 2010, University of Cologne

Anomalous Behavior of Spin Liquids: Thermodynamics and Heat Transport


October 1999 until September 2002: Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Physics II,  University of Cologne

October 1998 until September 1999: Post-Doc in the Oxide Spin Electronic Network (OXSEN) at the Laboratoire de l'Etat Solide and the Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale, Universite Paris-Sud, France. Research field: single crystal growth and studies of the magnetotransport properties of doped rare earth manganites and cobaltates.


July 1998, University of Cologne

Thesis: Thermodynamische Eigenschaften des Spin-Peierls-Systems CuGeO3 (ISBN 3-8265-4179-0)

Referees: Prof. Dr. R. Gross, Prof. Dr. A. Freimuth & Prof. Dr. A Klümper



July 1994, University of Cologne

Thesis: Aufbau eines Magnetkryostaten und Messungen der thermischen Ausdehnung von La1.87Sr0.13CuO4 im transversalen Magnetfeld

Referees: Prof. Dr. H. Micklitz, Prof. Dr. E. Müller-Hartmann

University studies:

1990-1994 University of Cologne, Germany

1989-1990 University of Vienna, Austria

1987-1989 University of Freiburg, Germany




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Nature Physics, 14, 716, 2018, arXiv:1706.05848

Zhe Wang, T. Lorenz, D.I. Gorbunov, P.T. Cong, Y. Kohama, S. Niesen, O. Breunig, J. Engelmayer, A. Herman, Jianda Wu, K. Kindo, J. Wosnitza, S. Zherlitsyn, A. Loidl
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Nature Physics, 13, 643, 2017,

Oliver Breunig, Markus Garst, Andreas Klümper, Jens Rohrkamp, Mark M. Turnbull, Thomas Lorenz
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